About Us:

Our Mission: is creating resilient and healthy communities through experience, advocacy and evidence based practices.

Our Vision: is that each person in Rural Wisconsin has access to mental health care and addiction recovery services in order live a meaningful life and become healthy, self sustaining members of the community

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It’s not uncommon to see vision, mission and value statements, but it is uncommon to see an initiative authentically operate out of these commonly held principals. While developing The Community Resiliency Initiative, these are the very things that underpin the CORE of everything we do. We lead and live culture up, so that we develop healthy employees and partners, which in turn develops healthy and resilient communities.

Core Values
  • Servant Leadership
  • Collaboration
  • Sustainable Development
  • Local Heroes Leading
  • Living Culture Up

We believe that when you treat the individual, you treat the community. When addicted individuals are healed holistically, families are reunited, employers get better employees, communities get leaders, and we change the trajectory of lives for generations. We start by helping the individual, but the impact permeates out to the entire community because of the profound ripple effect that healing from addiction has.

Why It Works

It’s very easy for an organization to profess the have “the best” products and services available. What makes us different is where we place value. We focus on local leadership development, culture, and sustainability which creates a ecosystem that is set to long outlast any of us individually. This is the CORE of everything we do.

  • Workplace Culture Development 100% 100%
  • Clinical Services 75% 75%
  • Peer Services 65% 65%
  • Leadership Development 100% 100%
  • Sustainability in Programs 100% 100%

Our Team

Chris Gilbert

Chris Gilbert

Co-Executive Director

Hi, I’m Chris Gilbert, Co-founder and Co-executive Director of CORE Treatment Services and CORE Behavioral Health Services.
I’ve got an authentic, tell it like is approach and hope to inspire people from all walks of life. And, my practical next steps then help people move from inspiration to application. I’ve used this approach to serve multiple organizations to help them determine and transform their culture. This transformation has allowed those organizations to discover new employment pipelines as well as higher organizational growth.
Carmen Persaud

Carmen Persaud

Co-Executive Director

Hi! I’m Carmen Persaud, Co-founder and Co-executive Director of CORE Treatment Services and CORE Behavioral Health Services. have lived and worked in Manitowoc County since 1998.
I gained employment at the human services department and remained there until 2011, working in every program, including outpatient, Community Support Program, AODA and crisis. From there, I worked as an outpatient psychotherapist with Aurora Healthcare at both the De Pere and Two Rivers clinic and advanced her certification as a Clinical Substance Abuse Counselor.
Michael Hall

Michael Hall

Recovery Development Director

Hi, I’m Michael Hall and I live and in central rural Wisconsin. I have a passion for recovery services and believe that peer services have a critical role to play in the recovery ecosystem. I have enjoyed working with CORE Treatment Services and have been engaged in recovery work in our community since 2017. I am the Executive Director of Impact Wisconsin and Mission of Hope which focus on building healthy and resilient communities in rural central Wisconsin. I am a Certified Recovery Coach and CPRSS and graduated from the Nonprofit Leadership Institute of 2021

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