How Can We Partner With Your Community?

There are many ways we can work with communities like yours to ensure that all aspects of the recovery ecosystem are robust and functioning safely and ethically. We work hand in hand with local leadership to build programs that meet the felt in need in each unique environment.

Finding creative solutions that are tailored to each unique community.

No two communities are identical and one size does not fit all. From consulting to implementing programs and services tailored to your community the Community Resiliency Initiative is geared towards ensuring your community has the support it needs to build a healthy and robust resiliency ecosystem.
Crisis Stabilization
Studies have shown that the time between when a client has experienced a crisis and when a client goes to treatment is possibly the most important two weeks of their life. We a provide safe and private interstitial space where clients can stabilize while waiting for a treatment bed to open.
The Resiliency Initiative starts with a no cost consultation where we partner to explore what the biggest felt needs of the community are. Once we have spent time learning from you, we can then move forward by partnering with your community to deploy the right programs and services for your unique environment. Consulting can either be a part of our partnership with you or a stand alone service provided to your community.
Outpatient Services
CORE Behavioral Health offers full spectrum of outpatient services. Our specialties include ADD/ADHD, Animal Assisted Therapy, Anxiety CAMS, Depression, EMDR, Family Issues, Grief, LGBTQ+, Mood, PTSD, Relationships, Self-Esteem / Self Worth, Substance Use Disorder, Suicide, Trauma and Veterans. We provide one on one, family and IOP Group Services
Peer Services
The Resiliency Initiative recognizes the critical role peer support plays in the resiliency ecosystem. Our peer support specialists augment clinical services in order to provide safe, ethical and effective support to the clients we serve in the communities we partner with. We believe that clinical services and peer support are the two wings upon which the resiliency initiative soars above the rest.

Services Reimagined

Professional Services

Residential Treatment, Outpatient Treatment Group, Behavioral Health Services, Mental Health Services, Crisis Stabilization Beds, Recovery Management, ASAM Assessments.


Peer Services

Certified Peer Support, Recovery Coaching, Sober Living, Support Groups, Medication Management, Resiliency Resource Centers, Resource Brokering. 

Community Engagement

Employment Opportunities, Housing Opportunities, Prevention Education, Stigma Reduction, First Responder Support, Family Resources, Emotional CPR

Where technology and people come together
Our Recovery Residents and Treatment Court providers utilize OneStep software to manage client relationships, ensure compliance with supervision and use the data to help improve outcomes for every community we serve. OneStep offers our community real time data and data management that allows our communities to see progress in real time and delivers a true all in one platform that helps each part of the initiative stay in sync with the other.
Good data helps us to ensure that when we partner with your community, we know what is and isn’t working. Once we have a working data set, we can then adjust the programs and services we provide to community members to increase good outcomes for clients and providers all while saving costs on programs that don’t show positive measurable outcomes. This is the best way to avoid waste and reduce costs over the long haul. This ensures that your community receives the best and most impactful service model possible.
Using the power of measurable outcomes

The Resiliency Initiative is a public health program that uses the Recovery Capital Index (RCI) to guide care for clients with substance use disorder and mental health concerns. The RCI is a multidimensional survey that measures an individual’s overall wellbeing in three domains.

  • Personal: This domain includes factors such as self-esteem, coping skills, and hope.
  • Social: This domain includes factors such as social support, relationships, and community involvement.
  • Cultural: This domain includes factors such as housing, employment, and access to healthcare.

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